Where the Cat is Not (pic heavy)

This is Mister Chevchev. 
Mister Chevchev is a seriously cool cat. Like, actually, the most Chill Beast I’ve ever had the pleasure of having around. He came to stay with us and brought his human companions; my brother, his wife, and their daughter for a few months. And these are some of his little adventures.
Now, normally, we don’t get to have Kitties. I have allergies, and my husband has The Hatred, and ultimately,  I’ve discovered I’m not that fond of cats in general… But this guy was so laid back that most of the time, you’d never know he was there- in fact, he was actually everywhere- sometimes even in more than one place at a time! We took to calling him “Transdimentional Kitty”. My Facebook Friends know him best as “Where the Cat is Not”; the first time he was busted somewhere strange I had said “Now, I don’t have a cat, and if I did have a cat, he wouldn’t be there” and that’s where it all started.
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The Cat is Definitely Not on the Counter
The Cat is Not in the Bath (oh, he would be)

Sometimes, the chaos in the house would get to be too much for him, and he discovered that the least likely place in the house anyone would go to bother him is the laundry room… He was right- I used to joke I could hide a 400lb gorilla with a tambourine in there, and everyone would just walk right by the open door.

The Cat is Not on the Fluff Cycle
The Cat has extraordinary taste in linens

 The Cat Hater surprised me often. His usual policy on Mr Chevchev was “As long as he’s not on the furniture”… For the most part, they just stayed out of each-others way. But once the Cat decided that The Hater was probably not going to crush his skull, he grew bolder.

And Bolder…
And finally decided “I don’t care what you think, I LIKE YOU”
He also liked to sleep on my face at night and made sure I was awake before my alarm went off every morning, but I don’t have any pictures of that- I was sleeping!

 This is Mister Chevchev’s mom. Meet “Momma Zen Cat”. Also very chill. Also not technically allowed in the house OR on the furniture (She lives with her humans on the farm).

 She hides her face when she sleeps as though “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me”… very sound logic.

 She is also a NINJA. That shelf is 7 feet off the floor past about 25 dinky noisy knicknacks and she flies past them without making a sound. NINJA!

The kids LOVE Mister Chevchev. He makes a nice cushion. But sometimes it’s hard to build a lego skyscraper when the cat is laying ON the skyscraper….

Cat Kong

 So, for a little while at least, we got to pretend we had a kitty. It made me very sad when he got to go “home”

But his real human was very very happy. 


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