I guess this is why we don’t have hobbies?

I woke up this last Sunday completely overwhelmed by an urge to ESCAPE my life for a day. By 11am, I had bailed on my husband and son to go to church (yeah, I do that sometimes) and see my friend play in the band (yayforgeeks). With 5 minutes left of the closing set at the end of the service, I get this 911 text from another friend; They had been camping at the lake- “we need help! We SANK THE BOAT”. 
After 2 stops for some tow straps and shackles, some pumps and hoses and an extra body, we arrived at the lake to see what  could be done.
“Oh dear, well, that doesn’t look sooo bad…”
“Wait- yes it does… that’s BAD”

Amidst all the chaos and panic, we had SPECTATORS! YAY! ; the guy on the left is the conservation officer (this is in a Provincial Park). The handsome fella there in the middle was just a random jackass (one of many that day) who thought his $19.99 Internet Degree in Applied Engineering might come in handy. He was helpful in a way- if you stood behind him, he could block the wind and spray (but the glare off his fat bald head totally ruined the view).

The pump would have worked REALLY WELL… except every 7-8 waves, 3 more would come over the board and fill the whole boat in 15 seconds. It still helped some… until they sucked up a shirt.
Plans “A” thru “M” were scrapped around the 3 hour mark.
Plan “N-2” was a dual attack- start backing the trailer under the boat WHILE winching the boat onto the trailer (yes, this sounds pretty normal, except there were also several hundred gallons of water IN the boat and it was sunk right into the silt and mud and crap at the bottom- it wasn’t prepared to budge)  At this point, our buddy had pretty much given up on the damage control and just wanted the boat out of the water. It mostly worked, pretty much mostly…
 After several attempts at repositioning the trailer so we could drag everything out without taking half the dock…  
Oh, THAT’S what all that crunching and snapping was… 
WE’RE OUT! (and random jackass on the right)
It took about 6 hours, not counting all the time our buddy spent before we arrived breaking winches and stuff trying to do it on his own. 
I was so tired! All that watching and standing and heckling… (I got to carry some stuff and at one point even operated a roll of tape!) I didn’t even think to take a picture of the carnage inside the boat once all the water was out. But that was just plain SAD to see. 
By the time we dropped everything off and collected my van from where I left it, it was almost 11pm. 12 and a half hours earlier, I was just thinking I would rather stab myself in the face than spend the day at home! Imagine that! Thanks Russ! And I’m REALLY sorry about your boat!

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