We Are Wive. Resistance is Futile.

Tell us… how do we like our new outfit?

OK, to hell with the Super Mom. I believe it takes a community to parent a child, and in my life- my circle of family and friends- I have that. We practice that. The Mom is/are an unstoppable collective and as one, we can wrangle all the little ones with a skill and savvy that make all the lonely little supermoms out there look like bums. Oh yeah, we’re that good. There are some things that I genuinely HATE doing with the kids, but there’s always another one of us who loves it. And I get to be the go-to for some things that the other mom’s cant/don’t want to do. No matter the matter, there is always someone to pick up the slack. We ROCK the community parenting.

But if the community parenting model is such a hit, why can’t we extend that… to the HUSBANDS? Oh I’m not talking about swinging and swapping; I’m talking about “My old man SUCKS at this, can I borrow yours?”. See, most men seem to have about 4 out of 10 critical skills and the willingness to exercise them at any given point. And for the right motivation, (usually cookies or appropriate enthusiasm), will whip out those “skills” and blow all the OTHER women away with their magnificence. See… the OTHER women. Some of my Wive Hive, myself included have husbands that are exceptionally awesome at (nearly) everything… if we could just get them to DO anything at all other than take up space and antagonize us.

And that antagonism and atrophy of skills is what’s killing the machine here. Some of you might have one of those rare beasts in captivity- the ones that always pick up after themselves, like to get up in the middle of the night  and hold vomit buckets under children… But most of us are stuck with the guys that are tired of our nagging and honey-do lists, and will go over to another Wive and spend the day showing off and being awesome. I’m stuck with one of them myself. You can have him. He can build stuff, he’s very strong, and he makes killer waffles. Give me yours if he can hang pictures, help start the garden and knows how to load a dishwasher? We can trade back when they tire of all our baked goods and flattery!

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