So darkness I became.

Taken from my back porch about 2 weeks ago at 6:57 am- this was just a tiny glimpse of a stunning sunrise. Now, only a few days difference, we’re beginning the descent into the forever darkness of winter. The curse of the Northern Life. We will have a small respite when the time changes, but in the meantime, our daylight hours are dwindling. Under 12 total hours today, and come December 20, we will be shrouded in blackness with a meagre 6h 45m of actual daylight. Get up in the dark, come home in the dark. The kids get a bit of a break- At school, they kick them out for recess and lunch (provided it’s not colder than -20).

But woe to the solar powered beings! Stumbling around in the dark, it’s often hard to be sure I’m actually awake; that my day is really supposed to begin, when the Sun itself can’t be bothered to hoist itself above the horizon. And when it does, it grumbles and casts a pitiful weak light- no warmth, just a thin, watery imitation of it’s summer splendour.

So for now, we will have to soak up what we can. And take pictures to remind us that “this too shall pass”.



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