So Long and Thanks for Taking Leftovers- or, "Whaddya MEAN you don’t like PIE?"

I didn’t take one single picture. FACK. I had 27 people for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday…I FED 27 people! Yes, I farmed out a great deal of the extra work, the brusselsprouts, the rolls, the potatos, the rice but I cooked a gigantic turkey, and some more sides… It was awesome. I LOVE FEEDING PEOPLE! I love being able to fill my house to bursting with friends and family and loved ones. I love the chaos and the sounds of laughter and mess. And when you have good friends, the laughter carries on while the mess begins to dissipate at the end of the meal. By the time everyone was either gone, or settled in for the drinking and shenanigans, there was no evidence that nearly 30 people had just overrun the place. Just a bit of a mess. It was a total win. So this is me giving my self a gold star, and a great deal of thanks for all the totally terrific people who are a part of my life.

To all you Canucks out there, Happy Belated Thanksgiving- and to my Southern friends, I hope yours will be as awesome as mine.


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