Appropriate Enthusiasm

 These are The Dads
Of the hundreds of pictures I have on my computer, and on my phone, there are pitifully few pictures of The Dads. And of those few, most of them are taken while they’re doing stuff like WORKING. You know, “Dad Stuff”. Real dad stuff. In a perfect world, Dad Stuff would be bike riding and fishing and building bird houses all the time, but this world isn’t perfect. 
I have always believed that there isn’t a Dad in the world that’s truly fit to be a Mother. And it’s true. They prove it time and again. Oh sure, they can keep a kid alive for as long as they need to- feeding, bathing, homework, piano practice… But the stuff they do best, really, is the Dad Stuff. 
Dads are there to field all the crap that overflows our plates. “How does a compass work”, “I have to build a volcano for school…by tomorrow”, “The chain came off my bike”, “Why does Grandma make that sound when she’s sleeping”…. These are the things that Dad’s are supposed to be for. “Go ask your father” (or your uncle Jim, Chris, Sam, Aaron….)
And then I think about all the moms out there who don’t have anyone to farm that stuff out to. And that makes me sad. And that makes me appreciate what we’ve got all the more.
I’m so thankful for all the Moms in my life. There’s no way I’d be able to manage without them. But I have to remember to thank all the Dads- without them, (we’d be poor) there would be no last minute lampshade volcanos, a bunch of broken bikes, and I’d have to figure out how stuff works so I could explain it.
So, thanks guys. We love you.

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