Pantsless Saturday (Fail)

So, in case anyone was wondering- I’ve gone back to work. I get up really early, run my ass off and deal with stupid people, drive home, sometimes I eat, and if I’m lucky, I can stay awake til about 8pm. Then I get up really early and do it all over again. It’s bloody crazy making. I have learned one thing though (well, I forgot that I knew)- the craziness of having a job outside of the home is very very different from having one in the home. When you work outside the home, you get to LEAVE at the end of the day. Leave the noise, leave the repetitive mindnumbing tasks, leave the hormonally impaired co-workers, and go do the life thing.

Another thing I’ve learned, is that staying home with all the everyone’s children really was making me totally freaking insane. Of course, I realised before this that they were “driving me nuts”, but “that’s what kids do”, and “it’ll be nice to take a break”. No, no break- I had to STOP and do something else.

One of my best friends has moved in with her daughter to take over the childcare. It’s really great- my little guy has someone here when he gets home from school, and the other wee heathens don’t really have to change their routine. Anyway, the other kids are still in the house when I get home, for about an hour. It took about 2 days before I figured it out. Just looking at them…. my vision starts to get fuzzy…. my eye starts to twitch…. it’s all I can do not to turn around and run out the door. Baahhahahahahah. (To my best wifey, I love you and I’d never do you that way).

A couple weeks ago it was decided that everyone would leave town this weekend…. everyone but me…. I was so excited to have the house to myself for the weekend! No kids, no husband…. Just me and the hedgehog. Awesome. I blew off all my friends- told them it was Pantsless Saturday at my place and they were NOT invited. A party for one.

I’m still in my PJ’s. I haven’t left the house today. I drank all the Baileys. I watched 5 hrs of PVR’d House episodes. I did a zillion loads of laundry. Now it’s 9:00, and I’m out of booze, and listening to my favorite song on repeat, and dammit, I’m lonely. 

So much for that.


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