Plight of the Non-Migratory Creature

Those are Light Pillars. Go look it up.

I have to leave the house today. And not to go visit friends, or do anything “Fun”. I have to go do grownup things; Get gas, walk a friend’s dog, go to the bank, get groceries… I am, this instant, just short of a full blown panic attack. It is winter, I am depressed, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

This is supposed to be the month of Escapruary. We’re supposed to be days away from getting on a plane and going somewhere else. (of course, travel also fills me with anxiety and dread, but the payoff is always worth it)

However, this year we are foregoing the traditional Escapruary Exodus for a trip in April instead. April is a LOOONG way away. April may as well be forever or never. It’s weeks and weeks of grocery shopping and gas getting and school lunches and un-fun trips to Cubs. I want to be warm and drunk, and preferably not on my livingroom floor in front of the fireplace at 2 in the afternoon!

I was in the same shape this time last year, and the year before that, so I know that this too shall pass. In the mean time, I will put on my Big Girl Underpants (the ones that say Thursday), and a coat and a hat and mittens… and go do all the Important Things. In the cold.


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