Throwaway Life

I was washing out my roasting pan this morning, and getting all emotional and bent out of shape that one corner has a big ding in it and it’s kind of warped. Still, thinking about it makes me want to cry…just a little. It hasn’t always been dinged and wobbly- but I borrowed it to someone this year and it got damaged when they moved.
“Oh, I’m sorry! I’ll get you another one!” he said.
“No, no, I don’t need a new one, it used to be my grandmas” I said.
And I got that blank stare that means “why the hell are you upset about that old hunk of crap, we have the technology, they have bigger better shinier faster touch screen roasting pans now!)

2 roasting pans, one small, one large
2 (used to be 3) Pyrex mixing bowls
2 cast iron frying pans
1 old square cake pan
1 wire whisk…
7 really orange Fire King coffee cups
…old, well used, perfectly, wonderfully, good things.

I have somewhere along the way discovered a love for vintage Pyrex and Fire King glassware- I know I’m not the only one, you can see on  EBay it’s a booming collectors trade these days- but here and there my collection grows, as friends and loved ones come across a piece and think of me and my little fetish. It’s not just because they’re nifty looking (a lot because they’re nifty looking), but they used to belong in someone else’s kitchen. Maybe someone who loved to bake and cook as much as I do. How many great birthday cakes started out in those bowls?

Besides that, why go buy new ones when these are perfectly good?

I was gifted a beautiful shiny new roasting pan this year- not because there was anything wrong with Nan’s, but it wasn’t big enough for the Thanksgiving Pterodactyls we like to cook.

I am a consumerist slut. No kidding. I don’t even know how I got to this. I (we)  own an OBSCENE amount of unnecessary, superfluous CRAP. We have more than one working version of nearly every electronic item we could ever need, and when one  stops working, TRASH! Away it goes. REPLACE!

Yeah, I’m bouncing all over the place here- I think I forgot how to write this year, bear with me

Break, Trash, Replace

That is the model of our society. The gadgets we buy are already obsolete by the time they hit the store shelves. And they aren’t designed to last. The camera button on my cel-phone stopped working, and the guy at the phone store laughed at me when I asked about getting it fixed. “It’s cheaper to get another phone”. We’re at iProduct version 17 now and people haven’t even peeled the plastic off the last model before they’re lining up for the next one.

SO much crap. I could do away with all of it… except for the internets machine I guess…and the phone… oh crap. where to begin?

I guess where I’m going with all this… Wouldn’t it be something if they made things to last anymore? This Throwaway mentality, and super-consumerism and the Happily Ever After expectation we’ve been programmed to look for… it’s spilling over into all the aspects of our lives.

Car doesn’t work? too expensive to fix? spend 4x as much plus interest over 5 years for a new one! People will sign for a car loan on longer terms than they can commit to a relationship! Wife won’t bake cookies anymore? Too expensive for a boob job? Lose half your stuff and say bye to the kids and GET A NEW ONE!

What the hell?

It appears I don’t have a point. Just a lot to wonder at.


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