Morning Person

The ‘New Me’ gets up in the morning. Early. Even on weekends.
The ‘Old Me’ is still in there, when my alarm goes off, not helping.

Old Me “Shut that thing off. You don’t need to get up”
New Me “nuh-uh, that’s not how this works, shutup Old Me”
Old Me “Ok, well, hit snooze”
New Me “Nope. I disabled the snooze. When I hit that button my feet will be hitting the floor”

and so on… it’s a dark and ugly battle. There have been many New Me’s over the years, and all of them have fallen in the end against Old Me. Fallen back into the warmth of the bed, snuggled up against the Husband for the few moments in life where I really really like him.

Yet here I sit. Cuddling my jumbo coffee mug, writing silliness to the universe at 6am. New Me is… still sleepy.



About staggeringduck

Look, I'm just awesome ok?
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