Day Nine.


If you could count “Not slapping the shit out of stupid people” as self discipline, I would be a master. But I don’t think it works that way… Instead, we think of self discipline as the ability to force ourselves to do unpleasant things, or to resist the urges to do more enjoyable things. Eventually, as the less fun stuff becomes routine, as we condition our minds to stop whining and just get it over with, it gets easier…I guess…

self- “CAKE!”

voice- “No cake”

self “Yes CAKE! I want to sleep in, have cake for breakfast and lay on the couch and watch TV all day and eat more CAKE!”

voice “you know that will be the ultimate undoing of everything you hope for the future?”

self “I just want ONE DAY. It’s been 8 days in a row of being awesome. I want one day to suck!”

voice “broccoli”

self “*groan* no.”

voice “yes, you will eat something healthy for breakfast, and you will go to the gym for the ninth day in a row, and you will go to work and have a healthy lunch and you will feel good about yourself because you didn’t give in”


It’s a bloody good thing that I have an amazing sense of humor. Also bloody good that I am borderline dangerously insane. I can justify all this “self discipline” by reasoning that when the Hellmouth finally erupts and spews evil over the face of the earth and turns day into night, my survival kit will have all the right things, my apocalypse food supply will be full, and I will be in Killer good shape. 

So today, I defeat Cakemageddon. Tomorrow, I take over the world.


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Look, I'm just awesome ok?
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