I just noticed Yesterday was Day 16- that’s over halfway to my first 30 days on the road to Slayeriffic. The only days I’ve missed so far were 3 days for that godawful flu ( Deathwatch Kitty ). Other than that, I have been to the gym every single day. I have been up and out of bed at 6am every single day. I can do this!

There has come a point in every one of my former “Fit Attempts” where I would get up and start slogging around the house, and suddenly the Slog would turn into a Strut. Whether I had to squat down to pick something up, or bolt up the stairs for another load of laundry- In a flash, I would FEEL fit. And maybe run my hands down my waist at the sides or quick-make a muscle and feel my arms- and then I would do the thing- the horrible stupid thing- I would run and get on the scale….bad Idea.

I caught myself at it the other day. I was feeling pretty bad ass when I reached down to my feet for something. Feet together, legs straight, as my fingers brushed the floor I realized it didn’t hurt or strain, and I reached a little further. Hands flat on the floor for a very satisfying stretch and I stayed there wondering “Gee, I wonder how much I’ve lost so far”. I stood up and was ready to zip up the stairs and into the bathroom when I realized what I was doing. I stood there and thought about it for a second. I felt my waist. I poked through the mommy-tummy to feel my abs. I held one leg out and then the other and flexed my calves and admired them. I stretched way way up and back and made a muscle and poked at my bicep. I did a quick squat or ten. I went upstairs. I did not get on the scale.

Instead, I ditched the sloppy PJ’s and found my most comfy but still form fitting fatpants, and my Trek Wars tee that isn’t 4 sizes too big, put them on, and stood in front of the mirror to admire. “I’m sure I look less squishy!” *turn to the side*, “yep, definitely less backfat…” *crane around* “hmm, still definitely too much buttfat…”

I traipsed down the stairs in my curve hugging outfit and my fuzzy toe socks and spent the day- the first day in a LONG TIME, feeling good in my own skin. And I’m sure it won’t be the last!

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