Rule Number 1

“Never apologize for your opinion”- Janet Mantyka

That was my Adult Ed English teacher- She loved  the “beautiful sentence”, she liked my writing, and as long as I used my transitions effectively, I could sneak an entire essay across her desk without using one single period outside of ending a paragraph; It was an entertaining challenge.

However, the one thing she nailed me on consistently was the little phrases like “you may not think so” and “maybe this is insensitive”. We wrote stacks of responses to Maclean’s magazine articles, covering everything from politics to special interest, and I often had very strong opinions on each of them. So much so, that I was worried that they would be offensive. I wanted to be interesting, and captivating, but not extreme to the point of putting a reader off.

“Never apologize for your opinion!”

Yet I find myself struggling with the rule every day I write. My friends and family are used to me and my bizarre outlook on life. They are my hostage fans. I keep them well on silliness and Shtick and demand nothing in return but tolerance and unconditional adoration.  And when I am really outrageous, they cheerfully set aside their delicate sensibilities and sensitive dispositions and laugh their asses off anyway.

Rule Number 2 “Don’t take everything so seriously!” – Staggeringduck

This blog is not my first. I have been writing for the world for over 10 years now. With breaks here and there depending on my mental status or available internet connection. I’ve written for my workplaces (I love looove making manuals and passive aggressive posters). I even had a “paid blog” back in the day- does anyone remember Blogit? Yeah, that came with a fan following and even merchandise (which nobody bought but everybody thought was cool anyway) It’s still there on cafepress!

Anyway, my usual MO is write now, worry later. And worry I do! I tend to fixate a great deal on the stats for individual posts, I struggle with the urges to go back and edit for content and smooth the edges. I fuss and fret and wring my hands and think “What if I’ve offended someone?”. I see comments on other blogs and articles that set my teeth on edge with their stupidity and ignorance, and maybe I’m afraid of that. The little comedian in me doesn’t care. The bully in me doesn’t care. The super-kick-ass Vampire Slayer in me doesn’t care. But the big eyed chubby didn’t-have-many-friends inner child cares. The slightly mentally ill, socially challenged atychiphobe cares. But I must not apologize for my opinion!

I write through my pain and frustration. I write through my struggles. I write to share my joys and heartaches. I write to make people laugh. If I can share one leap of a hurdle to make it easier for the next person, or if I can make someone smile on a bad day, I have triumphed against the darkness in this (sometimes) very shitty world. And I make NO apologies for THAT.


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Look, I'm just awesome ok?
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