Getting Real

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971 minutes of cardio over 30 days. That’s what I did. That’s just over 16 hours altogether. Plus the assorted strength training. In my personal opinion- that’s freaking amazing. If you added up all the minutes of actual exercise I’ve done for the previous 12 months, I’m not sure you would find 16 hours all together.

Now onto other things. I can’t commit to another 30 straight days of exercise. There were some challenges to meeting that goal the first time around, illness and injury- which I accommodated by adding days, some scheduling conflicts with the rest of my household- which I managed to juggle and in one instance, I just announced my intention and that the boys would have to work around it. I did great. *self pat on the back*. But I don’t have it in me to do exactly that again.

The bathroom scale has a different opinion on my progress and I’m trying not to let it get to me. The only significant move it made in the first 30 days was after being deathly ill. And since then, after this last weekend actually, after sitting in the truck for more than 12 hours total and 3 meals a day from either a drive thru or burger joint, it went right back up. “Yeah yeah…” I tell myself “…Muscle weighs more than fat…” I say, “…underneath all this fat is Arnold Schwarzenegger”…. *sigh*

So I need a different method by which to measure my success. I took actual measurements the other day and I will take them again at the end of 30 days. I hereby vow to stay off the damn bathroom scale until measurement day- and will only get on it after I check my inches.

And my mini goal for this month is “Get through the entire first week of runs for Couch to 5k”.

I was standing in the Sportchek this weekend with an $89 shoe in one hand and a slightly less ugly $119 shoe in the other and waiting for the guy to come back with my size… Apparently my ass isn’t the only thing that’s grown over the years; my feet are a clear 2 sizes larger than they were 10 years ago, and I gave up looking for “Freak and a half- Wide” over in the women’s section and went to the men’s wall finally.

I have a hard time talking myself into buying things like socks and underwear, so spending money on shoes- no matter how bad I need them- is difficult to say the least. So, it was no go on the $89 pair, and the $119’s weren’t that comfortable. I had told the guy what they were for and he explained to me the difference between the cross trainers and the runners and the sprinters and the minimalists (I have and LOVE a pair of Vibram fivefingers- the ultimate barefooters “shoe”), and then he showed me the shiny new Asics- the Cadillac of the current models. No-pronate guide built in to the sole, memory foam in the upper to form to the ankle and cushion the instep, roomy toe-box for wide feet and gimpy long toes… And so blue and so shiny! And so HOW MUCH!?!? Ugh. My heart fell. I have never spent even close to that much money on a single pair of shoes. I sighed and handed it back and looked again. I found another pair for him to go find my size and stood there feeling sorry for myself. I remembered that my last excuse for not starting the Couch to 5k was “I need new/better shoes”… And I looked down at the ratty things I had on, and thought about the rattier pair in my gym bag- the ones I was wearing were just over a year old- every day use and abuse- and the pair I was wearing to the gym were closer to two- they went from everyday shoes to gym shoes. So he came back with the last pair to try on and I did, and I didn’t really care for them. When he asked if I had decided on a pair, my mouth opened and I heard “Yeah, gimme the blue ones” and he said something and I said something and away I went with a $189 dollar pair of shoes… I left my last Couch to 5k excuse on the shelf with the $89 pair.



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