Vampire Slayers don’t Zumba

I finally made it to cardio kickboxing yesterday- the last time I wanted to go, the instructor was out sick and the fill in was the usual Zumba teacher. No. I do not Zumba. Can’t make me. Not even up for discussion in fact. (although, interestingly enough, whenever I say “No Zumba for me thanks” the response I usually get is “Oh but it’s fun! You’ll LOVE IT! You should try it! Zumbazumbazumbablahblahblah!”- which leads me to wonder whether they serve Kool-aid at these “dance” classes) Anyway…

I’ve decided that Vampire Slayers probably would do cardio Kickboxing though. Punching and kicking and high intensity intervals and core work is all good.

So I learned a few things yesterday while bouncercising my ass off.
– Shiny new shoes- useless for lateral stability. Definitely not x-trainers. My feet and calves were freaking out in less than 5 minutes and I had to stop and change into my Vibrams (which did the trick for the rest of the class)
– It is just about impossible to really challenge myself unless I have someone there to bark at me and someone to try to keep up with.
– I have apparently been calling my cardio training the wrong thing. More like “sweaty moving naps” by comparison.
AND- After calling Leah to whine about my sore knees and ask her what to do about it, I learned that the muscles in my knee joint were going to take more time to strengthen and that I was going to have to dial it down but NOT give up.

Oh, and I have been ignoring leg-work to absolutely no advantage. Sure I do squats and lunges mixed in with my other moves but at like ZERO real intensity. So throwing them in in combination with all the other stuff yesterday at kickboxing was seriously brutal.

The result, well I’m satisfied to say “Yay! I can’t sit down to pee without having to fall the last 4 inches!” and by tomorrow (when the real sore usually comes), I will probably have to butt scoot down the stairs.

Heads up to the Undead and whatnot- please give me a few days to recover before invading.


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