So, I’m finding myself in an interesting dilemma. My little blog here seems to have become gossip fodder for some people in my real life circle of friends and family. I’m not too sure what to think about that, and I’m totally at a loss what to do.

Believe it or not, I’m a private person. Tidbits of personal info are generally a well guarded hoard of “Friendship Currency” in my life. If I want people to know what I’m up to- I’ll tell them myself. And I’m a bit of a petty bitch. There are a few people that I wouldn’t even bother telling if I died. I don’t think its any of their business, I’m not interested in knowing what they think about it, and it gives me a spiteful little thrill when I know they’re totally in the dark. Yep- petty, spiteful little bitch. Don’t care.

But I threw something out in one of my posts as a matter of course last week, and it was something that I hadn’t talked about to some of my Real Life crew (just some of them), and suddenly I was getting feedback about it. And for some reason, even though I was pretty sure it came from something I had posted on the internet, I was really, really offended. I don’t care who reads my blog- but there are some things I write about they may not like, or that they may not already know about me and honestly, unless I have had a personal conversation about it with the individual I just don’t consider it to be up for discussion. My blog, my rant, my business.

I admit, it has taken some of the wind from my sails. I’ve been chewing on this for 2 days. I don’t make shit up to post about- and my life is crazy enough that I don’t even feel the need to take creative liberties to make things more interesting- so now what do I write about? What do I have to leave out or protect to avoid having people come up to me and say “Oh, I heard blah-blah-blah! So-and-so told me!” Totally at a loss.

Well, I may as well have some passive aggressive fun with it 😀 that seems mature and reasonable no? heheh

This weekend XX XXX XXXXX XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to XXXX XX XXXXXXXX. I expect XX XXXX XXXX XX some XXXXXXXXXX and if XXXXX lucky XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Anyway since X haven’t said anything about it, and XX not interested in discussing it with XXXXXX unless X XXXX already XXXXXXXXXXX personally, then X better not post about it here.

Maybe I should bite the bullet and try my hand at Short Fiction… Although I don’t know what the hell I’d write about that is better material than what I’ve already got going on!



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One Response to Redacted

  1. UndercoverL says:

    F**k that sh*t. I am not doing my job if someone isn’t mad for something I wrote or said. I regularly piss people off. It’s what I do.

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