Here, you take it.

Daily Prompt day.

Switcheroo. If I could trade blogs with any blogger for a week… hmmm… Well, I’d settle for starters with anyone who would write mine for a few days. I am desperately lacking in motivation and inspiration these days- something not helped by the fact that I unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings a few posts ago (usually any cattiness is very intentional)- and now I feel more like a Jerk than usual and just don’t know what the hell to write about.

I would have to choose someone I think is funny, but not too funny… that would be a tough act to come back and follow. It would be like Mcdonalds serving real meat for a week and then taking it off the menu. No, can’t have funnier…

And interesting. Someone who has a different life than me. Not too different, but enough to add something to the content. And of course I’m assuming I would be writing on their blog… hehehe

I have my internet heroes. Allie Brosh, Ree Drummond, Brittany Gibbons, and lets not forget Texts from Dog  just to name a few. I could pick any of them- but that would mean having to go over there and try to keep up their funny… yikes. Pressure!

I think the best plan would be to go switch a blog and each make up something totally bullshit but possible and see what happens with the readers… I’m beginning to suspect that’s what happened to SpiderDon, and why wasn’t I in on the gag?

Hm, well then in that case, I hereby invite my loyal fans to submit a request for a one day only post swap. Google up a random topic generator and the best topic suggestion takes it! We will each take 24 hrs to compose a post of up to 1000 words with or without pictures and provided it’s fit for general public consumption (no offensive content), we will agree to post each other’s work. 

My offer is good until Wednesday midnight Mountain Time.

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7 Responses to Here, you take it.

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  5. pjdonna says:

    textfromdog is really funny 😀

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