The Hard Way or Not At All

I had a post all set to go about “the things that come out of my mouth as a parent”, and then I heard the Big Story of the day on the radio…

Goes more or less like this- 4 young adults in a car on their way to Alberta from BC. get stopped for speeding at 150kph (which is depending on where they were at least 30kph over the limit). Now, in BC, they can, and WILL impound your vehicle for excessive speed- excessive speed is anything beyond 20kph over the posted limit. So. Guess what. They got their car impounded.

With apparently no cell phone or credit cards, these young girls were then stranded- but wait- The tow truck driver was kind enough to take all four of them to the nearest town, where they make their next best judgement call, and decide to HITCHHIKE the rest of the way to Edmonton. Instead of being picked up by a scabby immoral hillbilly trucker, they were rescued by a random Father of Daughters and escorted safely home.

And the mother of these young delinquents is having a very messy, very embarrassing, and very fruitless public FIT over…over what… Ah- Over HOW THE RCMP had the audacity to impound their vehicle and leave them stranded and helpless on the side of the road to be eaten by wolves. 

How they had the nerve to ENDANGER their very LIVES by unconstitutionally take possession of the car and not offer them transportation to safety.

*smacking myself in the forehead*

100% of listeners polled on the radio this morning agreed. This woman is an idiot. Those “poor kids” were idiots. Those cops were well within their rights. And maybe those “poor kids” will learn from the experience.

Heres the thing- and why I agree with 100% of the general public.

First- Ignorance is not a defense. If I murder someone, not knowing it was illegal will not save me from the law. It pays to know the rules

Second- If Idiot Mom believed that these “kids” were responsible enough to make an interprovincial trip in a car, then she should have considered them responsible enough to travel safely and within the rules of the road.

Third- and I think most importantly, imagine the cop let them go. Around the next corner and just out of sight they would have put the hammer down again, and maybe learned their lesson by wrapping the car around a tree. Or taking out a minivan full of small children and pregnant women.

I’ve learned many life lessons over the years. Some just by watching other people fail, some by having the sense and foresight to avoid disaster. But the ones that I’ve learned best- that have stuck with me and jumped out to stop me from screwing up, were the ones I’ve learned the HARD WAY.



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