I Changed My Mind


Daily Prompt wants to know “a topic or issue about which” I’ve “switched my opinion”

And it occurs to me, that either I’m super stubborn, or so wishy-washy that I’ve been sitting on the fence about ALL the things since ever. 

I’m not super religious. I have faith and spirituality and it serves me and I believe what I believe and don’t think it’s really anyone’s business- and I also regard it as a basic human right provided people don’t use it to abuse other people with it…

“Religion Is Like a Penis
It’s fine to have one.
It’s fine to be proud of it.
But please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around.
And PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my kids throats!” -unknown

And I’m not super political. I believe every election is a matter of choosing the Lesser of Two Idiots. And that no matter whether the Good Guy gets in, the Not Good Guy will spend all his days trying to thwart the Good Guy and make sure nothing meaningful is ever accomplished.

“Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job”.-Douglas AdamsThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I’m happy for the LGBT community at large, and think if anything ever happens to my hetero marriage I might run away and get Gay Married in Space to my Best Friend Image

I’m proud to say that the Filthy Nasty Dirty Tar Sands keep a roof over my head and support many of my friends, family and loved ones- but I also applaud anyone who can find a better way to get down the road without fossil fuel, and until that’s viable on a large scale (government conspiracies aside), I’m content to carry on pillaging the earth for it’s resources. Ask me some real questions sometime about the Oil Sands industry and I will GLADLY answer them HONESTLY- without media hype, this is truly not as bad as you are all led to believe! 

And finally, the ultimate hot button issue that I either haven’t made up my mind about, or I’m too stubborn to give on… Abortion. *sigh*. I decided a LONG time ago, that as long as I was never actually faced with making the decision for myself, I was not entitled to an opinion either way. But over the years, as I have held more than one tearful friend and consoled them, and privately grieved for babies that I would never get to know- a sibling, a niece or nephew. No, I couldn’t judge, all I could do was try to keep my sad to myself. And I wish that choice on NOBODY. 

…well that got depressing FAST.

I think if we took all these issues off the table on a global scale- Religion, Politics, Gay Rights, Abortion, Environment… well, we would have an Utopian society of some Star Trek sort, and would still invariably be hiding some dark and ugly secret (just like every Star Trek episode involving an Utopian society), and we would still find a way to create conflict. I think it’s a matter of our basic nature. 

So, on that note, I will leave you with something funny just because.






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9 Responses to I Changed My Mind

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  5. snosler says:

    Love the religion/penis comparison – never heard that before!

  6. I second that!- The love/ penis comparison is perfect! I had to read it twice!

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