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Sick/Not Sick

It’s 0530 and I’m just about finished my last hospital shift for practicum. The ER is… actually fun- if you’re not a patient. I’m the IV superstar student here- I will hit it the first time, every time- even if … Continue reading

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The “New Math”

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ One day,  a cave man put his interesting rock down next to another interesting rock. And something happened. An idea began to percolate in the depths of his tiny underdeveloped brain. “Hurg! Gurp!” he exclaimed! He had more rock!  … Continue reading

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What are you doing here?

Not everyone wakes up one day and decides “Wow! Riding in the back of an ambulance up to my elbows in someone’s guts sounds like FUN!” In fact, very very few people ever come to that realization. And really, I … Continue reading

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Here- hold this…

Today was one of those “Everyone’s an Asshole” days. Every. Single. One of you. (Don’t get all riled up, what I mean by that is, I was a cranky difficult bitch all day and had my head too far up … Continue reading

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Its that time of year. We’ve already had the generic “head lice” notice come home from the district “although no cases have been reported at your school, consider yourselves warned, and stay itchy my friends“… And even better, a measles … Continue reading

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as Crazy Does

  So, since my last post, I have ass-over-teakettled into a nasty bout of depression. In fact, I think the whole Hoodie post was a big red flag had I bothered to notice. Since the seriously crazy week I spent … Continue reading

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I stared at her while she talked; she had been going on for quite some time. She was one of those “desperate talkers”, where the end of her sentences would come out in a strangled rush, no time to take … Continue reading

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