Sick/Not Sick

It’s 0530 and I’m just about finished my last hospital shift for practicum. The ER is… actually fun- if you’re not a patient. I’m the IV superstar student here- I will hit it the first time, every time- even if you’re a dried up old junkie and have no veins. I know where the warm blankets are, and I’m the nice lady that will scam you a snack from the galley when the nurses aren’t looking. I’m the hop-to girl for all the nurses- whether they need a repeat set of vitals or someone to walk the generic geriatric to the bathroom. I’m right there. And if I had ANY desire whatsoever to go into nursing, I would be totally in my element.

Alas, my dream is to be one of those IV superstars who do it upside down in a ditch left handed, or in the back of a speeding ambulance on a pot-holed Alberta back road. Though I’m much less “at home” on the ambulance at this stage. I’m more like a deer in the headlights. “Whaddya MEAN ‘what do I want you to do?!’ “. So we start with the basics- level of consciousness, Airway, Breathing, Circulation… Sick or Not Sick. Can we fix it? Which way to drive and how fast?

So, if you’re breathing and have a pulse, and your insides are still on the inside, have no fear! I’ve totally got this! And if otherwise, have no fear anyway! I’m under diligent supervision!



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2 Responses to Sick/Not Sick

  1. valbjerke says:

    😄You can scam something from the galley??? Cool!

  2. peech01 says:

    Tea Toast and Jam please

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